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Billericay Christmas Market

Every year the The Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower join together with other service clubs in the town to create a Christmas wonderland by closing off the High Street to traffic and offering a range of fun activities and shopping.

Other groups also partake in the event including the Round Table, The Lions and The Rotary Club of Billericay with the event seeing around 15,000 visitors and fundraising a great deal for local causes the Billericay Christmas Market continues to grow each year.

Billericay Christmas Market 2015

There are a number of events, live performances and opportunities to win a range of prizes to help support local charities. And of course the vast majority of shops, pubs and restaurants will also be open.

For the full timetable and more details about the Billericay Christmas Festival please visit the official website,

10.30am - market opens

Santa starts parade down high street

4.30pm - market closes

As with any public event as much as possible is being done to minimise traffic and congestion as the High Street will be completely closed to traffic.

With this in mind if you are travelling from towns outside Billericay please consider using the Train, Public transport or Car Share. 

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0 #6 Sam lock   ·  2014-12-05 21:24
user image icon7am to 9pm
0 #5 Lynn mcquaid   ·  2014-12-03 12:20
user image iconCan you tell me what time the high st will close and re open to traffic
0 #4 Paul Sneggon   ·  2014-11-12 22:39
user image iconWhat date is the xmas market please? Can I come?
0 #3 Kasey Banks   ·  2014-11-03 11:29
user image iconHello,
My and my friend, are interested in performing on one of the stages at your christmas fair. We wondering if this would be a possibility, and how we would go about enquiring for this.
Thank you for your time
0 #2 Dawn Coe   ·  2014-10-01 19:38
user image iconI volunteer for a charity which helps all breeds of dogs. The charity is called Malamute Matters. I live in Laindon and work in Billericay. I helped on a dog stall at the Christmas Market in 2013 with our two dogs, it drew in alot of attention as they are Alaskan Malamutes (Snow dogs). I am enquiring whether one we could have a stall and two how much it is! Many thanks.
0 #1 Carl Robertson   ·  2014-09-22 13:20
user image iconI would like to enquire regarding having a stall at your Christmas market. How much is it to have one and what are the limitations with regards what we can do.

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