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Getting Fit with Essex Boot CampAn extreme form of fitness has arrived in Billericay in the shape of Essex Boot Camp, an outdoor training regime that makes you shed the pounds Royal Marine-style.

The programme was set up by Essex-boy Glynn Roberts, who spent five years as a Royal Marine Commando, the fittest and most effective fighting force in the world.

Glynn battled the Taliban in Afghanistan and militants in Iraq before deciding that was all a bit soft for him, so he returned to his beloved county and set up the most gruelling exercise programme known to man.

He has since been striking fear into the hearts of the slothful layabouts of Essex, and Boot Camp has been so successful in other areas of Essex, that he now has his sights firmly set on the people of Billericay.  Glynn told us more, “Billericay is a great area but it needs to be whipped into shape. If you are serious about getting fit, Boot Camp is definitely the answer. Sessions have started in Lake Meadows and I want to see all readers there – no excuses!”
Working Hard and Getting Fit!In Billericay, Glynn is joined by Instructor Aaron Donaldson, an expert in personal fitness. The 20-year-old, from Billericay, has trained everyone from brides-to-be to those training for the military and is currently working with a Billericay bride to make sure she fits into her wedding dress. He said: “Essex Boot Camp takes the boredom and repetitive nature out of gym training. With no walls to restrict your training, you can take it anywhere and do anything from stair sprint with Burgan’s to kettle bells on the beach. New members can be dubious thinking, ‘This is for fit people’. When it’s really for everyone, of all fitness levels. Everyone will walk out shattered, no matter of their fitness level. I really enjoy watching members’ fitness improve week by week. If you come to Boot Camp, you will get fit, no doubt about it.”

Kristie, from Basildon, decided to give the Boot Camp a go after realizing that hours spent on a treadmill in the gym was neither good for her sanity nor her waistline, “I must admit was I hooked from my first session and now go every week and I feel that not only am I fitter than I have been in years, boot camp has kicked started my fitness routine and I now look forward to exercise rather than find an excuse to skip it.  Our instructor Aaron is brilliant – and whilst each session is physically tough it is also a lot of fun.  He keeps our motivation high; our sessions are varied, and he encourages us to always push that little bit harder!  Aaron has not only taught me an array of new exercises he has also rid me of bad habits in what I was already doing.

Hannah Tull says “I enjoy training with Aaron and EBC because the sessions are always different which makes it a challenge regardless of how fit you are. Aaron is really supportive and will help you achieve your personal goals, and the support of other members will keep you motivated and coming back for more. Aaron's a great guy who helped me lose 6 stone and really achieve some amazing results. He pushes you all the way and makes fitness fun as well as challenging. Essex Boot Camp really can change your life for the better and Billericay will be a great new site”, says David from Rayleigh.

Aaron is the protégé of  Jamie Stumpe, Boot Camp’s Southend and Leigh Head Instructor, who has been turning around the waistlines of south Essex for years. He said: “Aaron has great passion for his job, and I know that between us we can get all of Essex fighting fit.”

Hundreds of people across the county have benefitted from the intensive exercise programme, so call Glynn on 07739098790 or visit to find out how to get involved.

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