Hazle's Pottery Barn & Hazle's Ceramics Ltd

33/35 Barleylands Craft Village
Contact Person: Hazle Boyles
Phone: 01268 270892

Hazle's Pottery Barn is a relaxed pottery barn where you can have fun Pottery Painting, having a go at the Potters Wheel or taking a class.

We offer activities for all ages, beginners always welcome.


Hazle Ceramics was formed early in 1990, by Hazle Boyles who, inspired by the architecture and bustle of the British High Street, created and produced an award winning  range of low relief ceramics, called ‘A Nation of Shopkeepers’ which protrays different periods of British Architecture and History: Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Elizabethan and Tudor.

In 2004, with the company’s move to Barleyland Craft Village, and a new bright and welcoming studio, Hazle’s Pottery Barn was born, and the rest, as they say, is history!