Ernest Shackleton and Billericay home

Article by Emm Palmer: This year marks 100 years since the death of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton.

St Mary Magdalen Church

Explore our map of historic buildings in Billericay High Street and around the town.

Early photo of Billericay High Street

Some of the earliest records of human occupation of Billericay are the burial mounds in Norsey Wood: evidence of occupation in the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Evidence of Roman occupation has been found at a number of locations in the town and there may have been a small cavalry fort at Blunts Wall.

Electrifying the railway- Billericay

Many of the residents and visitors to Billericay utilise the train to/from London and Southend Victoria. However, it wasn't an easy process adding a railway line through our town.

Chantry house Billericay

A meeting of the Pilgrim Fathers prior to their sailing in the Mayflower is said to have taken place in Billericay.

Many local names and much historical imagery reflect this: Mayflower House, Morris Men, Mayflower Taxis, Mayflower High School, Mayflower Hall etc.