Early photo of Billericay High Street

Some of the earliest records of human occupation of Billericay are the burial mounds in Norsey Wood: evidence of occupation in the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Evidence of Roman occupation has been found at a number of locations in the town and there may have been a small cavalry fort at Blunts Wall.

Electrifying the railway- Billericay

Many of the residents and visitors to Billericay utilise the train to/from London and Southend Victoria. However, it wasn't an easy process adding a railway line through our town.

Chantry house Billericay

A meeting of the Pilgrim Fathers prior to their sailing in the Mayflower is said to have taken place in Billericay.

Many local names and much historical imagery reflect this: Mayflower House, Morris Men, Mayflower Taxis, Mayflower High School, Mayflower Hall etc.