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Billericay holds a wealth of media references in books, television, dvd's, music and much more.

We have collated as many references and information as we can with references to Billericay.

Find information about celebrities, musicians, politicians and others who live, or have lived in Billericay. You'll be surprised who's listed! 

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Television (TV) References

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Music references

References to Billericay can be found in a range of songs and popular music.

Notable people

Billericay has been home to numerous notable celebrities, politicians, journalists and other notable characters.

  • Neal Asher, science fiction writer, born in Billericay
  • Francis Thomas Bacon, British engineer, born in Billericay
  • Lee Barnard, English football player, went to school in Billericay
  • Peter Bone, British politician, born in Billericay
  • Daniel Corbett, British TV weather forecaster, lived in Billericay as child
  • Andy Coulson, Journalist and political strategist
  • Lee Evans, Comedian, went to school and lives in Billericay
  • Barbara Follett, British politician, lived in Billericay as child
  • Mark Foster, British swimmer, born in Billericay
  • David Gandy, English model (Dolce & Gabbana advertising)
  • Teresa Gorman, politician, former Member of Parliament
  • Lee Harrison, English football player, born in Billericay
  • Chris Haywood, Australian actor/producer, born in Billericay
  • Perry McCarthy, Former F1 driver
  • Christopher Martin, Mayflower pilgrim, lived in Billericay before his pilgrimage
  • Alison Moyet, British pop singer, born in Billericay
  • Richard Osman, TV Personality ("Pointless Friend" on BBC show Pointless), born in Billericay
  • Kevin Painter, British darts player, born in Billericay
  • Paul Parker,[13] was raised in Billericay and lived there when he became a professional football player.
  • Gemma Ray, British musician, singer, composer and producer, was raised in Billericay
  • Stewart Robson, former English football player, born in Billericay
  • Russell Tovey, British actor, has Billericay as his hometown[14]
  • Patrick W. Welch, English-American painter, born in Billericay
  • Charlie Wernham, Comedian and comedy actor born and lives in Billericay
  • Ben Wheatley, Film director who was born in Billericay

Information sourced from Wikipedia - Billericay


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