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Find out where your polling station is for this years general election and which constituency you're located within.

We have collated a list of the various polling stations by district/ward for voting in local and general elections. 

If you are unsure about which polling station you should go please visit the Basildon Council 'Where I Live' tool to find out by entering your postcode: http://www3.basildon.gov.uk/website2/postcodes.nsf/frmMyBasildon 

Billericay East Ward (Chantry)

Name of polling district: Chantry (BA)

Polling place: Mayflower Hall, Chapel Street, Billericay

Billericay East Ward (Norsey)

Name of polling district: Norsey (BB)

Polling place: Mayflower School, Stock Road, Billericay

Billericay East Ward (St Mary's)

Name of polling district: St Mary's (BC)

Polling place: W I Hall, St Edith's Lane, Billericay

Billericay East Ward (Sunnymede)

Name of polling district: Sunnymede (BD)

Polling place: St John’s Centre, Outwood Common Road, Billericay

Billericay West Ward (Gooseberry Green)

Name of polling district: Gooseberry Green (BE)

Polling place: Brightside County Primary School, Brightside, Billericay

Billericay West Ward (Hannakins Farm)

Name of polling district: Hannakins Farm (BF)

Polling place: Hannakins Farm Community Centre, Rosebay Avenue, Billericay

Billericay West Ward (Lake Meadows)

Name of polling district: Lake Meadows (BG)

Polling place: Christ Church Hall, Perry Street, Billericay

Billericay West Ward (Queen's Park)

Name of polling district: Queen's Park (BH)

Polling place: Queen's Park Community Church, Queen's Park Avenue, Billericay

A full list of polling places and constituencies can be found on the Basildon Council website here: http://www.basildon.gov.uk/elections 

Billericay polling station map

Please note, some locations are subject to change and alterations. BillericayEssex.co.uk do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided.

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