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Queens Park Country Park is set over 60 acres of former amenity parkland, now managed to enhance the area for wildlife.

Visitors can roam widely across the park while keeping to the extensive footpath system. A bridle path runs along one edge of the park.

The large meadow area is developing a diversity of wild flowers since it is cut for hay once a year. Green Woodpeckers are commonly seen in the meadow feeding on ants. The islands of trees and the mature hedgerows offer feeding and nesting opportunities for thrushes, finches and warblers, as well as a host of insect species.

An area of rough grass with scrub is important for small mammals. Kestrels can often be seen hovering overhead, on the lookout for mice and voles. A newly planted woodland is at present providing a similar habitat but will develop very differently as the trees mature.


Queens Park Country Park
Queens Park Country Park, Rosebay Avenue Billericay, Essex
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 4.30am - 9:00pm

Phone: 01277 624553 or 01268 550088 (Countryside Services)

Car park

There is a small car park at the Rosebay Avenue entrance

Public transport links

Train station: Billericay - approximately. 2 miles away

Buses: 101 service

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