Sun Corner - Queen Elizabeth II Field

Dog display at Summerfest - Sun Corner

Sun Corner is located at one end of Billericay High Street and features a play area, open green space and woodland next to London Road (A129).

A prime location in the centre of the town, Sun Corner is utilised throughout the year by local organisations to host public events. 

Queen Elizabeth II status

In November 2012, Sun Corner was granted Queen Elizabeth II (QE2) status after a joint campaign by councillors and local residents, which means it is protected from any possible development for the foreseeable future. As part of the ceremony, a plaque commemorating the Queens Diamond Jubilee was also revealed. 

Facilities and events

The green space is open to dog walkers and general public use. Events are organised via Basildon Council or Billericay Town Council

Many local events are held at Sun Corner including;


Queen Elizabeth II Field
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