Basildon Council has agreed to put a tree preservation order on some woodland after reports residents were extending their back gardens into the wood without permission.

The order covers an area of woodland to the east of The Rowans, Billericay, to protect wildlife and prevent encroachment.

The order was proposed following reports received by Basildon Council about rear domestic gardens being extended into the woodland without permission.

As a result, it is suspected that a number of trees on the site may have been felled.

The Tree Preservation Order, which was approved by the Planning Committee on Tuesday, means that any works affecting the woodland will now need to be the subject of applications to be considered by Basildon Council on their merits.

Councillor Adele Brown, chairman of Basildon Council’s planning committee, said:

“It is important that we do all we can to protect this area of woodland given its amenity and ecological value. The Tree Preservation Order will bring all works to the site under the control of Basildon Council and ensure we are protecting the heritage of Billericay.”

Article by The Echo

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