Georgia Box

Article by Tommy Wathen: Meet Georgia Box - Colchester's own YouTube singing sensation that is taking on the UK Charts with her new original track, titled 'I Don't Want You Anymore'.

The 23-year-old singer released the track on all major digital platforms on Tuesday (March 27), which has already shot up the iTunes official UK Top 40 Chart and Top 30 Pop Chart to rub shoulders with international stars like Dua Lipa, Pink! and Little Mix.

When she was just a young girl, Georgia knew that she just wanted to sing and now, years later, she has built a platform to make a successful career from her passion.

"Growing up, singing is all that I wanted to do and I always sing around the house," said Georgia. "I always got told that I was singing before I was talking. Every time outside of school, I'd be singing and then in school, I'd be doing singing lessons and learning all the productions of it too. When I left school and college, I decided that I wanted to try and start getting some gigs locally, so I'd write round to a lot of Essex pubs, clubs and restaurants. I started gigging when I was 19 at the same time as I started uploading some of my own content to social media because I liked doing it. It was just friends and family liking it at the start, but six months into that, I had my first video that went slightly viral and I got like 1,000 likes. From there, on the singing side of things, it just started snowballing to be honest. Recently, I did a cover of Shaggy's song 'It Wasn't Me' and that was crazy because that snowballed to 30 million views."

She continued;

"With social media, there are so many people doing exactly the same things so it is such a hard, competitive place, so I sat and brainstormed for hours about what I could do to differentiate myself from everyone else. I always loved doing mash ups and working out which songs work well with each other and the more I was doing them, the more crazy and creative I was getting with them. When I started getting a few of my videos doing really well online and I was getting attention and engagement from people around the country and around the world, that really gave me the big push to keep being persistent and motivated with it and give it a good go really."

The idea for 'I Don't Want You Anymore' came from a recent break up that Georgia went through and has taken her months to get the track ready for release. She continued:

"It has been a very long process. I have been working on this single for about six months now. I went into the studio after a recent break up with a few producers and decided that we was going to write about that and how I was totally fine with it. We wanted a really strong, independent, empowering feel and as soon as we got it done, I knew that it was the song that I wanted to released. I decided to get the video done and that I was going to push it as much as possible."

Georgia admitted that her goal for the new single was to break into the UK Top 200 charts, but was totally shocked when it broke into the iTunes UK Top 40.

"It was absolutely unbelieveable. My aim was to get into the top 200 of the main charts and I was really stressed and worried about whether it was even going to make an appearance in the charts. I was sitting at midnight for it to come out, but iTunes don't update their charts instantly, so I was sitting there getting impatient. About 12.15am, I refreshed it again and it was at 178 so I said to my mum that at least it charted at that point. I refreshed it about 20 minutes later and saw that it had made the jump from there to number 41 and honestly, you should've seen my face as I was totally blown away. To then wake up in the morning and it was still in the top 40 and pushing the top 30, it was unbelievable."

Watch the music video for Georgia Box - I Don't Want You Anymore

After reaching chart success this week, Georgia spared a moment to thank her 430,000 strong Facebook following and other fans around the world for their continued support.

"I can't say it enough and I say it all the time that I just couldn't have done it without them. Even with this song and all the preorders, they've managed to get me into the charts and there is no way I could've done it without them. I've been doing this for three or four years now and they've stuck by me and spread the word to their friends and family. I couldn't have wished for anything more and I'm so grateful. I've got a song that I'm very fond of at the moment so I'm hoping to start working on that soon. I don't want to leave people waiting too long for the next one."

Along with being a YouTube and viral Facebook star, Georgia is also a star striker for Billericay Town Ladies, who signed her up in November 2017 after more than a decade with Colchester Town.

"I played for Colchester Town since I was 11 years old and I was one of the top four scorers of all time there. I absolutely loved the club, but it came to this year and I decided that it was time to move on. I actually represent Essex too at county level and Kim, who is the manager there, is also the manager at Billericay so I got to know her and she liked me as a player. I went to a few training sessions and really got on well with the girls, so I decided to sign. Since then, it has been really good and I've loved it. The football has been brilliant and it definitely feels like a step up. Glenn Tamplin has put a big investment into the whole club and that helps the girls to play at the stadium and have the backing so it is brilliant."

Billericay's multi-millionaire owner has been a viral interest star of his own since joining the club in December 2016, partly through his love of the famous R Kelly song 'The World's Greatest' - which is what the Billericay Town players are known to sing before matches.

After being jokingly asked whether Glenn had been in touch with her about singing it at the club, Georgia revealed she'd actually sung it as her initiation song when she joined Billericay Town Ladies. She said:

"The World's Greatest was my initiation song with the girls at my first game with the club where they made me stand up in a circle and sing. There has been no contact from Glenn yet, but if he did, I'm the girl."

Georgia Box’s I Don’t Want You Anymore is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Article by Tommy Wathen, Essex Live

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