Ellie Nicholls

Article by Kirsty Hough: A teenage heart attack survivor is joining forces with more than 50 others in a world record attempt.

Nineteen-year-old Ellie Nicholls, of Billericay, will be one of dozens of survivors who are attempting to beat the current Guinness World Record for the largest number of cardiac arrest survivors gathered in one place.

In 2011 Ellie suffered a cardiac arrest at Chafford School, Rainham. PE Staff and the office manager carried out CPR until the emergency services arrived and provided defibrillation. Ellie said:

“I’m looking forward to the Guinness World Record attempt and meeting other survivors like me. It will be good to talk to other people who can relate to my experiences which will hopefully reassure me that I’m not alone”

Ellie was taken to the Royal Brompton Hospital and diagnosed with a condition that affects the heart rhythm called CPVT; her father and brother were later diagnosed with the same condition. Ellie is now fitted with an S-ICD, a battery powered electronic device which is implanted into her chest to continuously monitor her heart rhythm.

If an abnormal or life-threatening heart rhythm is detected the device will deliver a therapeutic shock. Sads UK helped put a defibrillator in and offer training at the school as a result. Ellie is now studying Health and Social Care at Palmers College, Grays.

Anne Jolly MBE and founder of Sads UK said:

“We’re pleased to be bringing together cardiac arrest survivors and their families to meet and speak with each other. We know how valuable speaking with someone who has been in a similar situation can be. There is an educational seminar in the afternoon which will speak about cardiac arrest and the work that is being done to help support people affected.”

The world record attempt is supporting Sads UK, the sudden adult death trust, and will take place at the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, Basildon, on June 9.

To sign up or find out more you can call 01277 811215.

Article by Kirsty Hough, The Echo

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