Article by Matthew Critchell: A student equalled his sister’s incredible academic success with nine top grades at GCSE and an A-Level aged just 16.

Ewan Gomersall, from The Billericay School, came in the top three per cent in the country. He gained nine 9s, one 8, two A*s and the extended project qualification at A-Level.

It also means he can share bragging rights with his very bright sister. Speaking shortly after opening his results at the school yesterday he said:

“Oh my gosh, I just can’t quite conceive these results. My parents were working so were unable to come and collect the results with me at the school, but I called them and they’re very happy. I did work insanely hard to get these grades. I had expected to get 8s but to get 9s just seems unfeasible. My sister is tremendously clever and got a Robert Ore award and now I can share that trophy with her. She got the award as a result of her great A-Level results. I have always wanted to match here in this so I am immensely proud to do so.”

The awards are given by Robert Orr and Associates, a firm of architects and town planners, which recognise exceptional work. The teen said it is phenomenal both siblings have achieved this.

He said he is now looking forward to studying French, German, drama and English literature at the same school.

His teachers have also spoken of the outstanding achievement by the student. Jon Pead, assistant headteacher at the school, taught Ewan. He said what he has achieved is unheard of. Mr Pead said:

“He is one of the most hard working students I have ever taught. It is unbelievable for a student to get nine 9s and an A-Level at the age of just 16-years-old. Results like this show the work ethic. Our staff here are incredibly committed but we have to know when to take a step back. Ewan has a fantastic independent work ethic.”

He went on to say that he believes the student’s grades are outstanding.

Headteacher Ahson Mahammed congratulated Ewan and his colleagues for their exceptional results and all their hard work.

Article by Matthew Critchell, The Echo

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