Skate park demolition

Article by The Echo: A town council has demolished a popular skate ramp following years of vandalism.

Billericay Town Council took the decision for the ramp at Lake Meadows Park, Billericay.

There were concern from residents that the whole skate park would be removed. Jim Devlin, chairman of the town council said it was costing a fortune to repair. He said:

"Some people say it's easy to fix it but that is not correct. There is a smaller ramp that will stay at the park. We are looking at getting another ramp there but need to work out how to do this. We really want to put something back at the park."

It has caused anger in the community as parents feared a loss of the skate park.

Nina Yates, 37, from Billericay said her nine-year-old son loved the skate park. She said:

"We want something else back there. I just think it's a shame, my son has been going there for years. It is well used and popular in Billericay."

It has been targeted by vandals for almost 10 years.

In July the town council announced the large broken ramp would close.

Article by The Echo

Not much left of the old ramps in this photo by @jackelcarlos

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