Mayflower High School

Article by Kloe Kachett: A school has promised to take action against pupils who filmed a girl being attacked in the playground and then shared it on social media.

The incident was reported to Mayflower High School, Billericay by a concerned parent after the video was repeatedly shared.

James Smalley, assistant headteacher and leader of student welfare and standards, said:

“A fight broke out at lunchtime between two pupils after an argument between the two on social media. We are unable to comment on individual cases for data protection reasons but as with all incidents like this, we treat them very seriously. Appropriate action will be taken for those who were filming the incident, which caused distress to the girls involved. Our investigation has closed and we will be updating the parents accordingly. It is against school policy for pupils to film anything without permission. These situations are difficult with the current use of social media but we do what we can to ensure appropriate use.”

The videos are reminiscent of the “happy slapping” epidemic that hit the country around a decade ago, whereby people - mainly youths - would film themselves or others slapping innocent victims, mainly in a group and then running off.

The videos were then shared.

The concerned parent revealed during the incident on Wednesday a girl was attacked.

She said the Year 11 pupil had been left shaken by the incident and a damaged neck which remained sore.

It is understood this was an isolated incident but has caused a great deal of upset for the girls involved and their families with so many having now viewed the attack via various sources on social media. The school did not reveal what action it has taken against those involved in the filming or the violence but the police are not thought to have been involved.

Article by Kloe Kachett, The Echo

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