Nancy Stringer (left) has launched a fundraiser to pay for her sister Hope's cancer treatment

Article by BBC Essex: A woman's family are aiming to raise more than £500,000 so she move to the US for a trial cancer drug to treat a rare form of the disease.

Hope Stringer, 27, recently found sarcoma diagnosed in 2014 had returned and spread to her lymph nodes. After the NHS said it could not cure her cancer, her sister Nancy Stringer began looking for other treatments.

Now the family is trying to raise £588,000 ($760,000) for the manufacture of the drug they believe could help.

Following her most recent diagnosis, Hope Stringer's family and friends rallied round and Nancy launched a campaign to raise funds for treatment in the US.

Hope Stringer visited New York in search of cancer treatment

Some £55,000 was raised in the first 24 hours. Nancy said any excess funds would be given to Sarcoma UK.

Hope, from Billericay, Essex, said she had initially felt "overwhelmed by her diagnosis but was now feeling strong. She said:

"Now that I have accepted the situation and am feeling strong, positive and have so much belief in my recovery it is amazing to sit back and watch all of these amazing dedicated people doing all this hard work for me."

She has malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour (MPNST) sarcoma and Nancy found a clinic in Santa Monica, California, which had a drug trial which helped others with the same diagnosis. She said:

"Hope will be able to start on the drug in the next two to three months."

She said her sister would be moving to California for at least six months.

Article by BBC Essex

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