Rem Kingston

Article by Matthew Critchell: The family of a missing man are refusing to accept he may not be alive.

Rem Kingston, 31, from Billericay was last seen on the Hypatia de Alejandria as it travelled between Ibiza and Majorca on 22 March.

His sister Megan said she will not give up hope of finding him alive.

After a three-day search of the sea, police are now looking for Mr Kingston, from Billericay, Essex, on land.

Ms Kingston warned her brother may be "fearful and untrusting because of paranoia" and urged members of the public to seek help if they find him. He also has borderline personality disorder. She told the BBC:

"Police couldn't confirm 100% that he wasn't on the ferry when it docked. The port CCTV only shows the front of the boat, not the people coming off, so he may have stayed hidden. We have been out with the public in Palma, going to places we believe Rem may go, but it's a big place and we can't go everywhere. If people find him, they need to know to take him somewhere where they can help him - and alert us."

Mr Kingston works as a tour guide in Luxembourg, where he lives with his girlfriend Natasha.

At the time of his disappearance, he had been holidaying with his mother.

Ms Kingston said her brother's disappearance had been "absolutely devastating" for the family. She told the BBC:

"We're trying to stay strong and get him back, either way," she said. "There is real hope out there. Everyone is behind us - the support back home is keeping us going."

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said:

"We are assisting the family of a British man who has been reported missing at sea in Mallorca, and are in contact with the Spanish police."

Article by Matthew Critchell, The Echo

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