Police with stolen caravans

Article by Lottie O'Neil: Police conducting a routine visit to an unauthorised traveller encampment found three caravans that are suspected to be stolen.

They then seized the caravans and packed them up to reunite them with their owners and establish who is responsible for their suspected theft.

Thanks to chip technology, one of the caravans was identified as 'stolen' in a matter of minutes, helping officers in their operation.

Police reported that it had a fake CRiS number, which helps to deter crime as it acts a security check for buyers. It is made up of 17 characters and identifies your caravan uniquely.

The officers visited the unauthorised encampment in Oak Lane, Billericay yesterday (April 13).

The team's Twitter account tweeted:

"All loaded up and off to the depo. We don't care where you try to hide there are NO no-go areas for this team, we will find you and deal appropriately with what is presented."

Others praised the team by writing 'top job', 'great tenacity as always' and 'great work'.

The three vehicles were towed away to Essex Police's pound (Image: @EP_GTRET)

Police routinely visit such encampments because unauthorised is not necessarily illegal.

Trespass is a civil matter and not immediately a criminal.

Essex Police's Gypsy, Traveller and Rural Engagement Team (GTRET) role is to work with local authorities to manage such sites.

Article by Lottie O'Neil, EssexLive

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