Elizabeth Cottage building works 2019

The redevelopment of Elizabeth Cottage, set to be turned into flats, in Billericay should be finished by Christmas, according to the developer.

John Dawson, the man in charge, said:

“We’re really trying to restore it to how it looked in the 1950s. The front door and windows are all being remade to look like how they were back in the day. It’s progressing well, we’re battling against the weather but it’s coming along nicely. Everyone’s really curious to see how it’s doing, we’re hoping to give it the send off it deserves. It will look amazing.”

Vin Harrop, a keen historian, added:

“The developer is doing really well in replicating what was originally there. I hope it’s done by later this year. Others have tried and failed to stick to the original concept, but John Dawson is sticking to it.”

Article by Southend Standard

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