Travellers at Sun Corner Billericay

Travellerswho caused "havoc" in Billericay have left a public field.

The group of at least ten caravans departed the field at Sun Corner on Monday afternoon after unlawfully pitching up on Friday night.

Their exit follows Essex Police issuing a Section 61 notice under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act on Sunday.

The police had been working with officers from Basildon Council, which owns the land, to remove the group from the land since they set up.

Reports from the scene on Saturday stated there had been damage to police vehicles and the padlock to the gate had been broken.

Essex Police also stated they had issued warnings to several people from the camp about the anti-social use of quadbikes around the site, and a dog that was dangerously out of control.

As the group was leaving, residents on social media stated lots of rubbish had been left behind.

Councillor Andrew Schrader, of Billericay East Ward, praised Essex Police for using the section 61 order to help get a quick resolution to the matter.

Residents also praised police for monitoring the situation throughout the day today.

Article by The Echo

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