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A new block of affordable homes have been given the go-ahead in Billericay, despite residents’ concerns.

Two people who live close to the vacant Rushcliffe Care Unit in Goldington Crescent spoke out against plans to knock down the care home and replace it with flats during the latest planning meeting.

The plans from the council’s housing management company Sempra Homes would see two blocks built in place of the home, comprising of 30 affordable flats – 22 one-bed and eight two-bed.

One resident who lives close to the development on Tavistock Drive, said:

“We have got a lovely road, it’s very quiet with no-one overlooking us but this is going to be so invasive. There will be people staring into your garden because they’ll have a balcony. There will also be noise and 46 parking spaces is not enough. When schools are in and out parents are parked right up the road – 46 is not enough you need at least 60. It is going to be such a disruptive to this part of Queens Park. It’s the invasiveness of staring into our back gardens and our kitchens. It will affect our quality of life.”

Another resident from Vincent Way said:

“One bed flats are generally going to attract young people I find it strange you have sheltered housing and predominantly young people next to each other. We’ve all been young, we are not as considerate when we are young and the noise level – they are leaving home, they won’t have their parents to tell them to keep the music down and I think it is going to be disruptive. Not only to residents but also for the people in the sheltered accommodation. I think it is an admirable idea for one bed flats and to have affordable housing but I just think it is the wrong location.”

Despite the concerns, it was highlighted that no complaints had been received from the sheltered housing development. While part of the work includes partially demolishing the sheltered housing, Sempra has promised to refurbish the building and build a new residents’ lounge.

Of the seven councillors at the meeting, five voted in favour of the plans, one voted against and one chose not to vote.

Article by The Echo

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