Reported crime figures for Billericay March 2011

There has been a recent display of teenagers ripping doors off derelict garages in the area to use as places to hang out, smoke and sometimes drink. A local councillor has raised questions about what can be done to get parents more involved in their childrens activities to stop the vandalism of local property.

Many have called on what the police are doing to help stop the issue and they have included a number of problems routes on their patrols. Sgt Cath Henderson, of Billericay police, said: “It’s an area where we’ve had historic problems. There haven’t been any for some while, so we don’t want that starting again."

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Sgt Cath Henderson - Billericay Police"]But we’ve had disused garages being broken onto and being used by youths to gather for drinking and smoking, with loud behaviour and swearing. Officers are also patrolling around the old Outward Common Community Centre, which is now a construction site, as it is being turned into a retirement home. We are having reports of youths breaking into the building site. That is clearly very dangerous, so it is an area we are focusing on. We do get people who call and tell us what’s going on, so that’s great.[/quote]

Local Reported Crime Information -

With the launch a few months back of the website, which displays the reported crimes within a postcode area or town we have the details below. It covers everything from Burgalry and Vehicle Crime to Violent Crime and Robbery.

  • Burglary - 8 Cases
  • Anti-social Behaviour - 30 cases
  • Robbery - 0 cases
  • Vehicle Crime - 7 cases
  • Violent crime - 11 cases
  • Other crime - 30 cases

The results are very interesting and compared the other towns locally and across the UK you have nothing to fear! Overall, Billericay is a safe place to live. Just click the image to view the full site.

Billericay Safer Neighbourhood Team

The next Beat Surgery where you can chat with local officers is on 14th March 2011, 10.00am at Waitrose. Your local officers are:

  • PC Ben Bailey
  • Sgt Cath Henderson
  • PSCO Clare Boreham
  • PCSO Ian Holden
  • PCSO Lee Hunter
  • PCSO Gordan Walters

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