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More than 90 cars were stopped at a road check in Billericay as part of Essex Police's continued crackdown on burglary.

Officers from the Essex Police Special Constabulary set up a stop check point near Mayflower School in Stock Road on Monday, March 21, 2011.

Three fixed penalty notices were issued for traffic offences including speeding,vehicles not having an MOT and no 'L' plates being on a motorbike. Four Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme notices were also handed for reasons such as faulty headlamps. The notices give drivers the opportunity to rectify the fault instead of being issued with a fine.

Sgt John Wright said:

"We carried out a large number of stop checks as part of the operation, and the feedback we had from members of the public was very positive. They were pleased to see police taking positive action against travelling criminals. Criminals often use the road network to come to this area to commit crime, and it simply won’t be tolerated. The message we have sent out by mounting this operation is don’t come to Billericay to commit burglary and other crime, as you will be caught and justice will be served on you.”

The actions form part of Operation Girton, a countywide commitment to stamp out burglary.

Essex Police has stepped up efforts to stop burglary in the county by targeting people known to have committed burglaries in the past, encouraging residents to take simple security measures to protect their homes and increasing patrols in areas where there have been recent crimes.

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