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The Village Council, residents and local interest groups are coming together to secure a space for enthusiastic home growers to develop an allotment near Great Burstead/South Green.

We spoke to keen proposer, Martin, "Allotments are a good use of land and are very sustainable. They are highly productive producing more per unit area than many other forms of husbandry and improve the soil. They promote health and well being, provide opportunities for people of all ages for exercise and build community by promoting shared activity and produce healthy and affordable food."



The land which might become available is 0.8 Ha (just under 2 acres) big enough to provide 28-30 full size allotments or 60 half size ones. 250 square metre is a usual plot size.

A number of people are already interested but we would welcome anyone with experience or anyone else who is keen to grow their own produce.

We recommend taking a look at the official blog available here - Contact in the first instance Martin Wakelin 01277 630316  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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