Bruce and Helen Bott

At least 25 couples hope to play their part in breaking a world record by simultaneously renewing their wedding vows in Billericay.

They will show their commitment to each other at St Mary Magdalen Church, in Billericay High Street, which is the only church in the county involved in the Big Promise event.

Their vows will be renewed at the same time as more than 2,000 other couples across the country.

Churches Together in Billericay has organised the special service at St Mary Magdalen to mark National Marriage Week. The ceremony will be led by the Rev Warner Pidgeon, of Christ Church, Perry Street.

Bruce Bott and wife Helen, who both go to the Billericay Baptist Church, also in Perry Street, are signed up to take part. They are also helping to organise the event.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Bruce Bott"]Renewing vows is a way of making a commitment and saying you’re happy together. For us, the event is a way of celebrating marriage, which is in decline, and highlighting its importance. The record attempt is a secondary issue, but it’s amazing opportunity to be involved in that.[/quote]

The Big Promise event, which is taking place on Saturday, February 8, is being held at 80 locations across the country.

All couples will have a photograph taken with their original marriage certificate before renewing their vows at 5.15pm.

Mr Pidgeon said: “I have been supportive of National Marriage Week for some time and normally we do something around Valentine’s Day to show our support for marriage. We are taking part in the Big Promise event to give people an opportunity to renew their vows. A lot of couples think about it, but we are giving them the chance to actually go ahead and do it. We have already had a lot of interest. At the same time, we will hopefully break a world record, and it’s just something really fun to get involved in.”

The Guinness World Record, which was set in America in 2009, currently stands at 1,087.

Anyone interested in taking part in the Big Promise should call Mr Bott on 01277 630082.

Article and images sourced from the Recorder

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