Butyl Products factory in Billericay

Billericay based Butyl Products Group recently acquired the assets and goodwill of Landline Limited making them one of the UK’s foremost liquid containment solution specialists.

Butyl Products Ltd celebrates its 50th anniversary next year, and has taken the strategic decision to focus on the business sector it originated from in 1965.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Managing Director, Gavin Mitchell"]We’re absolutely delighted to be able to welcome several of Landline’s personnel to enhance our experienced, highly qualified and dedicated team, and we’ve been able to employ further local technicians to continue to offer an unrivalled service to our clients. This has increased our workforce by a little over 50% and we’re feeling very positive for the future[/quote]

To commemorate the amalgamation of resources from both Butyl Products and Landline Limited the trading name BUTEK-LANDLINE has been formed.

Butek-Landline now boasts more industry experience than any other geomembrane manufacturer and installer across Europe and the UK.

The company has a diverse portfolio, providing linings for Ponds, Lakes, Lagoons, Reservoirs and Reed Beds as well as Gas membranes and venting systems. It specialises in secondary containment products; spill barriers and bunds for chemical and petrochemical applications.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Area Sales Manager, Kevin Mitchell"]I’m really thrilled to be joining Butek Landline – with a company that’s been formed from two of the most established names in the industry our technical expertise will undoubtedly set the standard for customer service and cost effectiveness[/quote]

The world class manufacturing facilities in Billericay will continue to be the Headquarters for business operations going forward.

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