Bridge at level crossing in Billericay

Progress on a new railway crossing bridge is underway near West Park Avenue.

Network Rail have almost completed works to build a new bridge at the level crossing just past Billericay Station. 

Level crossings across the network in Essex are being updated and improved with safer alternatives, predominantly bridges and one underpass.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Richard Schofield, route managing director for Anglia, Network Rail"]Where a road, footpath or cycleway meets the railway there will always be a certain level of risk to motorists or pedestrians. Network Rail is committed to reduce that risk as much as possible, so if we can close a level crossing and replace it with alternative means of crossing the railway, we will. Safety is our number one priority. By working closely with our local authority partners, the new, modern alternative crossings at each of these Essex level crossings will provide the public with a much safer route across the railway.[/quote]

Details about the work

Shaw Avenue, Billericay West Park Avenue and Golf Links level crossings will all be replaced with stepped footbridges. Work to close Golf Links level crossing will begin in November 2013 and is due for completion in March 2014. There have been five incidents of misuse and one near miss since 2007 at Shaw Avenue level crossing in Shenfield which is set to be closed from February 2014.

Find out more details about other level crossing works on the Network Rail website here.

Image by Robert Clifford Avery on Facebook.

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