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Article by Joe Sturdy: A Billericay woman downed Sambuca, Red Bull and shots of vodka before “seeing red” and assaulting her ex-boyfriend in a nightclub fight.

Kara-Joy Mitchell, 18, of Church Road, Ramsden Bellhouse, pleaded guilty to assaulting Thomas Gilbert-Walsh at a hearing at Basildon Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The court heard how the incident unfolded in the early hours of October 26 last year.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Emma Collins, prosecuting"]At one in the morning Mr Gilbert-Walsh was in a nightclub in Southend with some friends. He had gone outside to a smoking area. Miss Mitchell was also in the smoking area, had approached him shouting at him ‘you’re a c**t’ and slapped him. Mr Gilbert-Walsh has raised his arms to protect himself and she has scratched him on the arm while attempting to punch him.[/quote]

The court heard how, in the lead-up to the incident, Mitchell had consumed “a lot of” alcohol including Sambuca, Red Bull and vodka shots and was “drunk.”

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Ms Collins"]She approached him intending to speak to him. She saw red and began to hit him. She cannot remember how many times she hit him.[/quote]

Mitchell was then walked away by a friend and they left the club.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Ms Mitchell"]I probably slapped him first and probably punched him – I cannot remember.[/quote]

Mr Gilbert-Walsh sustained a small cut to his right eyebrow and soreness and reddening to his cheek, as well as a small scratch to his arm.

The court heard how Mr Gilbert-Walsh later felt “sorry” for Mitchell and retracted his complaint.

Magistrates also heard how Mitchell had been prescribed anti-depressants after the pair’s break-up.

She was handed a community order in which she was ordered to complete 40 hours of unpaid work within the next 12 months.

Article by Joe Sturdy, Brentwood Gazette

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