Plane taking off

Article by Joe Sturdy: A pilot from Billericay badly damaged his plane after it bounced on landing at Southend Airport, the Gazette can reveal.

The incident saw the single engine propeller plane, a Cirrus SR20 that was built in 2005, bounce on the runway when it landed just before 10.40am.

Although the pilot powered up the engine to try and go around again for a better landing, his aircraft rolled to the left and its wing hit the runway.

Still in the air, it then carried on turning left before landing on a patch of grass.

It then carried on across a taxiway before finally stopping on another grassy area, 380m from the start of the runway.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted in Air Accident Investigation Branch report"]Neither the pilot or his passenger was injured but the aircraft sustained damage to its left wing, landing gear and propeller. The surface of the taxiway was also damaged, principally through propeller strikes and failing landing gear components.[/quote]

When contacted by the Gazette, the pilot, who was 68 when the incident happened on November 12 last year, said it was his first incident in 30 years of flying.

He had a total of 2,344 hours total flying time, of which 796 were experience flying the incident aircraft’s type.

Article and image by Joe Sturdy, Brentwood Gazette

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