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Article by Billericay Gazette: Thanks largely to the generosity of Billericay's families and businesses Mayflower Rotarians have gone on a £14,000 spending spree to support good causes.

Chairman of the club's special projects team, Nick Lamborn, led colleagues in donating a large packet of support, including a whole raft of help for local charities plus a boost for Rotary's worldwide involvement.

There was £1,160 for two more ShelterBoxes, bringing life-changing help to victims of disasters like the recent one in Vanuato and another £1,000 towards Rotary's commitment to rid the world of polio.

Nearer home donations include £1,500 for the charity BOSP, £600 for young sportsmen and £500 for young musicians. A total of £1,000 will also be spent to take disadvantaged children on a day out. Meanwhile, £500 has been given to a riding for the disabled project and another £500 to the worthy cause of Billericay First Responders – volunteers who help the ambulance service.

The BOSP donation was the result of a Mother's Day tea organised by the Rotary Club's wives and partners.

Another £5,000 will go to a list of good causes that Mayflower Rotarians support year on year.

On top of that, a further £4,000 has been earmarked helping the Thriftwood School in Chelmsford to provide enhanced educational aids for young students throughout Essex with learning difficulties.

Additionally, more than £2,800 – representing 100 dollars for each of the club's 43 members – will go to Rotary Foundation, which is the global organisation that supports major projects in this country and overseas.

[quote width="auto" align="none" border="#0066cc" color="#0066cc" title="Quoted by Nick Lamborn"]When the public generously support us filling our collecting buckets or watch us run Billericay Christmas Market or the town's SummerFest at Sun Corner, they do so trusting us to do the right thing. When they see this list we hope they will feel we have done right by them with their money.[/quote]

Article and image by Billericay Gazette

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