Brentwood Gazette: Criminal cases heard at magistrates' courts between July 14 - 16.

MAX PULLEN, 35, of Radford Court, Billericay, was given a 27-week prison sentence.

He was given four weeks for assaulting a police constable in the execution of his duty at Billericay on May 6 and ordered to pay £100 compensation, an £80 victim surcharge, £200 costs to the CPS and a £150 criminal courts charge.

He was also given three weeks consecutive and ordered to pay £50 compensation for resisting a second police constable.

He had committed the offences while subject to a suspended sentence order imposed on January 2 for offences of battery, resisting a police constable, criminal damage and malicious communications, which were implemented to run concurrently.

ROBERT PAUL JACKSON, 25, of Wick Glen, Billericay, was fined £50 for failing to attend two appointments in May according to a community order made on December 30.

He must also pay £50 costs.

DAVID ANDREW NICHOLAS JENNINGS, 23, of Beamsway, Billericay, was given eight penalty points for causing damage to another vehicle while driving along Friern Gardens at Wickford on February 15 and failing to stop or report the accident within 24 hours.

He was fined £600 plus a £60 victim surcharge and £90 costs.

Article by Brentwood Gazette, Joe Sturdy

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