Visual impression of Garage conversion

Article by Ongar Gazette: Plans for a state-of-the-art, unmanned petrol station in Billericay have been resubmitted.

The Gazette reported in March how developer Harvest Energy wants to create a "virtual attended" filling station on the Wallinhurst Garage site, in Chapel Street.

Billericay Town Councillors opposed the application at a meeting in July, saying it would lead to an increase in traffic at an already-congested junction, adding that the proposed 24-hour opening times were unreasonable.

That proposal was withdrawn by Harvest Energy.

However, a new planning application has now been submitted to Basildon Borough Council. It outlines how the site would be covered by fixed CCTV cameras, as well as a pan-tilt zoom camera.

A worker at a remote location would watch monitor the petrol station and authorise the pumps to release fuel to drivers.

The new application says the building on the site would remain and that a car washing facility, which was part of the original plans, is now not proposed.

Both town and borough councillors will consider the application at a later date.

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