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Article by Guy Bell: Billericay police station will be closed after it was revealed just nine crimes were reported in 608 individual visits.

The station at Sun Corner will be closed and sold off as Essex's Police and Crime Commissioner announced the maintenance costs for the 80 buildings across the county would have totaled £1.75 million a year.

In order to make maintenance to outdated buildings, Essex Police would face a bill of £30 million.

Research carried out over two months showed 608 people visited Billericay police station's front counter, with just nine reporting a crime.

The majority visited to seek advice or hand in traffic documents.

Pitsea station will also be closed, while Wickford station is proposed for sale after being closed in November 2011.

Laindon police station also closed to the public in November 2011 and it currently houses a state of the art forensic laboratory.

Those looking to report a crime or needing to visit a police can do so at Basildon Police Station with its front counter services provided from 9am to 5pm every day.

An average of four people per hour visit Basildon's front office.

Research carried out over two separate months showed 3,951 visited Basildon station's front counter.

Basildon police station will house CID, custody, local policing teams, intelligence cell, prisoner process teams, scenes of crime and the command team.

Article by Guy Bell, Brentwood Gazette

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