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Article by Piers Meyler: The victim of a burglary in Billericay has said the incident has said he will ramp up security on his home.

Police are investigating reports of a burglary in The Priory between 6pm on March, 30 and 1pm on March, 31 - a 24 hour period during which the homeowners were not at home.

After smashing their way in through a rear door, thieves ransacked the house before stealing a number of personal items including sentimental jewellery.

The owner, who did not want to be named, said he thinks information that he wasn't home may have "got out." He said:

"We were expecting some delivery of internet shopping and we postponed that and you don't know if it got out that we weren't in. The other possibility is you often see people pushing leaflets through the door so maybe it came out. I don't know why they picked us but we were out."

He said he has learned a valuable lesson. He continued:

"There is one thing I have learned for definite is I would not postpone a delivery. I would not tell a delivery company they couldn't deliver. I wouldn't flag it up that we are away."

Among the stolen items, worth £1,000, was some jewellery, including a sentimental wedding ring belonging to a grandmother, a man's Seiko analogue quartz watch and a man's Timberland steel watch. He added:

"We have already stepped our security up. The message is don't be complacent. We don't feel that bad about it to be honest– no-one got hurt. Possessions are not as important as people. We have a great neighbour and we are really grateful to him. There are simple things to improve security - we have got to give it some serious thought."

Article by Piers Meyler, Essex Live

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