Alan Pollard and Carol Hann are not happy at the on-going disruption

Article by Piers Meyler: Homeowners in Billericay have hit out at Virgin Media, claiming that the company have 'damaged' the town.

The company has been busily installing miles of underground cable all across Billericay, but Carol Hann claims her road has been left looking "horrible", thanks to the on-going expansion plan.

Carol, who lives in Linkdale, said:

"I just feel sad they have left everything like this. They have knocked branched off trees and if they are doing it across the whole of Billericay, I wonder how is it going to end up. It is such a lovely road but now it looks horrible. It is a shame for the whole of Billericay – it should be a nice town."

Virgin say that Billericay is in its expansion plan and they are "working as fast as we can to get to you and look forward to bringing Virgin Media services to your area".

Alan Pollard, who has lived in Nearby Longrise for 44 years, questioned the quality of tarmacing work that has been undertaken.

He said:

"The edges of the tarmac have not been sealed with bitumen, so once water gets underneath that, it will be lifting up. They have done the same across the town and in one area, the tarmac is already coming up. It will blend in after a while but the main thing is that it won't last."

Virgin Media have been approached for comment.

Article by Piers Meyler, Essex Live

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