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Article by Olly Hill: This week Billericay dad of four, Philip Blows, joined the ranks of Britain’s independent authors by making his new children’s book, James and the Rainy Day, available for download on Amazon Kindle.

Apart from the professionally designed cover, the whole book was created outside of the traditional publishing industry.

Philip spent eleven years as a Primary School teacher in Essex and East London and started writing his story back in 2009. But after an initial burst of activity, it ended up gathering dust on the shelf.

He said:

“When I wrote James and the Rainy Day our first child was only a baby. I suppose in the busyness of family life I just forgot about the book. But seeing my two older girls becoming avid readers made me want them to read ‘Daddy’s book’ too. As my spare time is pretty limited, I decided to write during my commuting time on the train into Liverpool Street. Sometimes I was even glad of the delays as they gave me more time to work on my book.”

After many months of polishing the story and preparing it for publication, last week it went live on Amazon.

The story follows the adventures of Captain James and his faithful navigator on a perilous voyage through Two-Rock Sea, The Lake of Wild Creatures and beyond.

James and the Rainy Day is a heart-warming short story for young readers about a boy, his mother, and the power of imagination.

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