Billericay Fireworks 2017 - Stephen Stringer Photography

The music started, the tree's flashed with the beat and Freddie Mercury shouted "Flash". At this point a gigantic rocket lit up the sky starting the 2017 fireworks at Lake Meadows.

The 14,500 people within the main arena were wowed with tunes from Superman, Star Wars, Mama Mia and more.

The choreography to the musical beat was "excellent" according to visitor Mr Clive Roberts who told the organisers

"That was the best fireworks display in years. The music and the fireworks were excellent."

Flashpoint Fireworks told Round Table that the display went well and exactly to plan adding that they hoped they would be asked to do next year's display.

"We enjoyed this display, it appears to be a real community event. Proud to be a part of it."

Round Table's Marcus Bennett said

"We spent £26,000 on this year's display and nearly £52,000 overall. Bringing in a new sound system, the big screen so everyone could see the acts and moved the stage and food outlets to new positions within the arena."


"We wanted to take the display back to a real family event, so with young acts on stage, a quite early display and new rides for the kiddies, I think we managed that."

Jess Folley, the 14 year old local singer from Brentwood posted on social media

"Thank You for having me, I had an amazing night. The fireworks were incredible."

The first meeting for the planning of next year's event is next week!

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