Van stuck at Buttsbury Ford

Article by Olly Hill: A notorious ford crossing just outside of Billericay took another victim this week, a van belonging to a local water company.

The driver, who works for Essex & Suffolk Water, ended up having to flee his vehicle after becoming stuck in floodwaters.

The van got stuck in about 4ft (1.2m) of water at Buttsbury Ford on Monday afternoon following a downpour of snow on Sunday.

Buttsbury Ford van 3 A spokesman for the water company said it was aware of the incident and said its driver was “okay” following the episode.

Stephen Owens, from Billericay, spotted the van while out cycling in the area.

He said the ford was part of his regular cycling route and he said he had often seen vehicles trapped there over the years.

Local residents are well aware of the dangers of crossing the ford after heavy precipitation, which becomes unpassable on a frequent basis.

Mr Owens said when he arrived the driver was still trying to get out of the van before asking him to try and help him push it out of the waters.

Despite their efforts, the van could not be moved by hand, he said.

Article by Olly Hill The Enquirer

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