Billericay train station to double car park spaces

Parking spaces

Article by Toby Emes: A huge multi-storey car park will be built at Billericay train station, with spaces almost doubling for drivers.

The train station, off Radford Way, will now have more than 700 spaces as plans were given the go ahead.

The multi-storey should put a stop to the parking nightmare and prevent motorists leaving cars in supermarket car parks, says a councillor. A second layer will be added onto the existing car park.

Phil Turner, Tory councillor of the Billericay West ward, says the new car park represents a “boost for Billericay.” He said:

“Any release on the stress of parking there is a great help. It’s only been a fifth full in Covid but they’re anticipating a return of commuters post Covid. Commuters sometimes park in the Iceland car park off the high street, which clogs it up for shoppers. It’s a significant application.”

The current car park squeezes in 388 spaces, which is set to be expanded to 785.

The plans will also improve bus access to the station, while overhauling the forecourt for pedestrians.

The road leading up to the station car park and the car park itself will be resurfaced.

However, Councillor Turner raised concerns over the number of electric vehicle charging points.

The plans do not allow for any charging points at the station.

Mr Turned added:

“We have to determine if this will impact on nearby trade at all. We also need to determine the arrangement of the electric charging points. I would also like to see fares and charges for commuters coming down. They already pay an absolute fortune to get to and from London. It needs to be looked at fully.”

The new car park would feature 24 blue badge bays and 25 motorbike spaces.

A council officer report reads:

“The site provides commuter car parking in marked bays for users of the immediately adjacent Billericay Railway Station. The application states that the existing surface car park is part of the demise of the operational railway.”

Article by Toby Emes, The Echo