Billericay Town player-manager Jamie O'Hara filming mini-series in bid to help those with mental struggles

Jamie O'Hara

Article by Danny Rust: Billericay Town player-manager Jamie O’Hara is attempting to keep the country positive by filming a two-week mini-series on mind development.

The coronavirus outbreak has led to schools, pubs, clubs, restaurants and many other hotspots being shut as the nation looks to fight back.

With the majority of the population stuck inside their homes, O’Hara – who took over as National League South side Billericay’s player-manager in September – has teamed up with Robert Hisee in a bid to help everyone through this difficult period.

On his official Instagram account, O’Hara wrote:

“So over the next two weeks me and Robert Hisee have teamed up to give you a mini-series of videos to help you mentally through this difficult period. Every two days we’ll be dropping a video based on all different aspects you’ll potentially be struggling with, like depression, anxiety, mindset, health and nutrition, and we’ll be showing you some techniques and tools that can get you through and build a positive mindset. Stay tuned, the first one coming up. Stay safe and look forward to hearing from you all.”

The first episode, which has been uploaded to O’Hara’s Instagram account, centres around visualisation and has already been viewed more than 5,000 times.

In the video, O’Hara speaks about his own personal experiences

Article by Danny Rust, The Echo