Lockdown: Boy makes puzzle for the Queen to 'cheer her up'

Timothy Madders - Letter from the Queen - Image by Joe Madders

Article by BBC News: A seven-year-old boy created a wordsearch for the Queen to keep her entertained during lockdown.

Timothy Madders, from Billericay in Essex, was worried lockdown was making her sad, so he made a happiness themed puzzle to keep her busy.

The Queen thanked him for his thoughtful puzzle in a letter from Windsor Castle.

"It was very good [the letter] and it was very important and made me happy that she liked it," said Timothy.

"She's probably wanting to keep herself busy," he said.

Jo Madders, Timothy's mum, said he had the idea because he was worried the Queen and many others might be feeling sad, lonely and bored during lockdown.

"He wanted to do something to cheer her up and he did it in his neatest handwriting," she said.

"He sent it with a letter saying how she might be feeling sad or lonely because of lockdown... he picked happiness as a theme because he wanted words that would make people think of happy things as they did it."

One of the Queen's ladies in waiting wrote to Timothy to thank him for his "kind letter, and for the puzzle" created specifically for Her Majesty.

She said the Queen hoped he was "keeping safe and well" and that his "thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated".

Timothy wanted to help others feel happy during lockdown and so let his mum make copies of the wordsearch to hand out to people in their street.

"He kept saying to me not to send the original to anyone else because that was for the Queen," said Mrs Madders.

"He's always thinking about other people."

Article by BBC News