Man spotted ‘taking photos of kids’ in Lake Meadows Park, Billericay

Lake Meadows park

Article by Poppie Webster: A furious mother is refusing to return to a park with her children after she spotted a man “taking pictures of them” during a family walk.

Dani Oliver-Wise was left “feeling sick” after visiting Lake Meadows Park in Billericay on Wednesday with her husband and three children.

She claims a man was acting suspiciously around them and other youngsters at the park, but police attended and could not track him down.

The 30-year-old from Basildon says she watched him take pictures of children in the park, before lifting his phone to get a picture of her two-year-old son.

Since posting on social media, she says others have come forward with similar experiences. She said:

“When we arrived there was a man standing by the gates, he took his phone and started to very obviously take photos of my children or the children behind us in the play park. We decided to go a different route and walked around the lake. Not even ten minutes later he walked past us on his own again, slowed down and took out his phone. I asked my husband to stand in front of my son and I turned my daughters away from him, we all stood very close together. He walked past slowly - once he saw me looking he hurried away.”

Five minutes later, Dani says the man returned with an accomplice by his side.

They were described as 30-40-years-old, one with a green khaki jacket, dark hoodie and grey trousers and white trainers. The other wore dark trousers, a black bomber jacket and red trainers.

Police confirmed they were contacted at 3.40pm, but say when officers attended they couldn’t find a man matching the description, nor had members of the public they spoke to. Call 101 quoting 821 of December 30.

Article by Poppie Webster, The Echo