New zero waste store to open in Billericay to help save the planet one re-fill at a time

A mother and daughter duo are opening a new zero waste store in Billericay to help residents reduce waste and change lifestyles to improve the environment.

Alex and Paula D'Urso are working hard on the new shop, looking to open on 29th August, 2020. 

We spoke to Alex about why they decided to start a zero waste store in Billericay;

"Unfortunately our current waste habits are not sustainable. A truckload of plastic enters the ocean every single minute and UK supermarkets produce 800,000 tonnes every year. When plastic breaks down it doesn’t disappear, it gets smaller creating tiny particles called microplastics. So it's time we stopped using so much single use plastic."

Alex told us about the products that will be available in the store;

"You can come to our shop and re-fill containers that you currently own with pantry items such as pasta, rice, oats, nuts and many more! We also have household cleaning and bathroom essentials for you to re-fill, and don’t forget we sell general items that promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. On top of all that we are running regular workshops for both children and adults to learn and get tips on how to do their bit when it comes to saving the planet."

How does a zero waste store work?

  • Step 1 - Bring your own clean container, it can be glass or plastic (we will have some in the store).
  • Step 2 - Use our special scales to weigh your container before you fill it.
  • Step 3 - Fill your containers with our lovely produce!
  • Step 4 - Weigh your produce and pay.
  • Step 5 - Go home, enjoy your products, clean your container, and repeat the process all over again!

Summerhill Garden Centre also commented;

"We have been asked why we chose Alex and Paula to open The Sustainability Store in Summerhill and why we decided to give them such an important location within our shop area. The answer is simple, we have so many people tell us they want to help the planet and do “things the right way” but it is usually just “talk.” This is a company that means it and lives by their word. You only have to visit the store they have created within our shop to see that they have carefully created their concept and have branded it in a way that is appropriate, this fits in not only with what is happening in the world today but also looking to the future. We are sure their brand will go from strength to strength and we are proud to be part of it. We wish them a successful (and sustainable) future!"

You can find the Sustainability Store, Billericay on Facebook and Instagram or visit