Online classrooms aid Billericay schools as they start to re-open

5 year old Daisy - online french lesson

As Schools in Billericay begin to re-open after forced closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is highly unlikely crucial extracurricular learning, from outside providers, will be restored at this moment in time.

Extracurricular programmes form an important part of school life increasing opportunities for learning and development which can help to boost and improve children’s academic performance.  These lunchtime and afterschool clubs also, and some say, more importantly, enhanced a child’s well-being, increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

Krystyna Kemp, who runs Krystyna Kemp Language Tuition, teaches extracurricular French classes in 3 local primary schools in Billericay and Ingatestone, using the award-winning La Jolie Ronde programme, said:

“A majority of primary schools struggle with teaching languages as it remains a marginal subject and challenging to deliver alongside core subjects. Plus, other obstacles such as lack of specialist teachers, time and budget constraints also hinder consistent teaching, therefore, my French Club is essential for supporting both the school and pupils with their learning. It is such an unsettling time as we come to terms with the Coronavirus and the impact this Virus has had on our lives. For children in particular, it’s been tough as they’ve had to endure their schooling being turned upside down, exams cancelled and isolation away from their friends. In a positive move and wanting to help schools, parents and pupils keep a sense of normality, I’ve taken the plunge into technology and been continuing to provide my weekly extra curricular French classes via online sessions. I’ve been using Zoom, with strict safety systems in place, to deliver my classes and just as I do in my normal weekly classes, the emphasis is on fun positive language learning. Topics are introduced through entertaining and enjoyable games, stories, songs, role-plays and activities to suit each age group. The feedback from parents has been fantastic as not only have their children been able to continue with their learning, but it’s a brilliant way for them to re-connect and keep in touch with their friends, which again I felt was extremely important to help with children’s well-being through these hard times”.

Parents feedback below of Krystyna’s classes:

“The class was fantastic, thank you! My Daughter said it was the best online class she has attended.”

“Your online classes are lovely – Alex is really enjoying them. Thank you”.

“Great class…it’s amazing being able to watch my children get so involved.”

She added;

 “So, although a majority of schools will not re-open for external club providers, for me it’s business as usual but instead of coming to class, children will learn via a laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone in their own homes.  My aim is, and has always been, for learning to be a thoroughly positive experience so that by the time a child begins secondary school their foundation of language learning will provide them with a significant head start.  The response and feedback to my online classes, from both parents and pupils, has been amazing with many other family members joining in the fun too".

French lessons in Billericay

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