Police rip card cloning device from cashpoint in Billericay

Cashpoint ATM card cloning device

Article by George Ware: Police denied a fraudster the chance of stealing card details after ripping a card cloning device from a cashpoint.

Officers with Essex Police's Billericay and Wickford Community Policing Team removed the device from a cashpoint in Billericay yesterday (January 22).

The device clones the card details and PIN numbers of residents using the cash machine.

Now Essex Police are urging people to be careful when using their credit or debit cards at cashpoints.

An Essex Police spokesman said:

"Billericay and Wickford Community Policing Team have been patrolling both towns today. Following reports from store security, a device has been retrieved from a cashpoint denying the fraudster the opportunity to obtain the card and PIN number. Keep safe when using ATMs by scanning the area around you to check for anything unusual, look for devices attached to the machine, cover your PIN, keep an eye on your card and put your card away immediately after use."

Article by George Ware, The Echo