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Lake Meadows play area

The play ground area at Lake Meadows Park will soon undergo a £70,000 revamp.

The Government, Billericay Round Table and developers will be footing the bill with contractors carrying out the work in two stages, firstly installing £49,000 of new play equipment, paid for under the Government’s Playbuilder Scheme.


Reported crime figures for Billericay March 2011

There has been a recent display of teenagers ripping doors off derelict garages in the area to use as places to hang out, smoke and sometimes drink. A local councillor has raised questions about what can be done to get parents more involved in their childrens activities to stop the vandalism of local property.

Many have called on what the police are doing to help stop the issue and they have included a number of problems routes on their patrols. Sgt Cath Henderson, of Billericay police, said: “It’s an area where we’ve had historic problems. There haven’t been any for some while, so we don’t want that starting again."

Fire crews tackle blaze at Oxfam, Billericay

On Friday 4th March 2011 motorists and residents travelling through Billericay became witness to a dramatic fire originating from the Oxfam shop in the early hours.

The local fire brigade closed the whole of the high street and many shops did not open. The fire spread to a flat above the shop, a second shop, and two neighbouring properties. Firefighters prevented the flames from spreading further before putting out the fire.