Billericay Town Council

Billericay sign

The Billericay Town Council had derived powers filtered down from Government through Essex County Council and Basildon District Council.

The town is divided into wards which elect councillors for the Town Council. You can find out which councillor represents your ward by clicking here and to view a map displaying each ward area.

Contact Billericay Town Council

To contact the town council please visit the website, or you can visit their offices off Billericay High Street.

You can also stay up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

Opening times

Opening times are Mon - Fri: 9.20am - 2.30pm
Telephone number: 01277 625732
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Early details of the Billericay Union of Parishes, Workhouses and Rural Sanitary Districts operating between 1725 until the early 1900's can be found on the Billericay Town Councils Website by clicking here.

In 1972 the Local Government Act created Basildon District Council and abolished the Billericay Parish which stood as an individual body. This would have remained, however a group of Billericay residents formed a steering committe to campaign for Parish Councils to be re-introduced in Billericay. This then created new parishes in 1997 of:

  • Billericay
  • Great Burstead & South Green
  • Little Burstead
  • Ramsden Crays
  • Ramsden Bellhouse
  • Billericay Wards